For both the end customer and designers, planners, architects and retailers, Eurodesign offers a wide range of furniture, pieces and accessories, to respond to an infinite variety of individual tastes and preferences. From classic to contemporary and from modernity to tradition, everyone can find the ideal furnishing solution for the bathroom or lavatory in their home.


To reach places off-the-shelf furniture manufacturers cannot, Eurodesign offers full conception, design and production of bespoke solutions. The variables can be purely dimensional, but can also extend to the finish, colour and overall style of the project. Our experience and know-how, built up over 60 years in the industry, are there to fulfil our customers’ every idea or request.


The bathroom is a part of the house that deserves a great deal of attention. The decor must be functional and in line with the needs of each member of the family but must also harmoniously reflect the spirit of the home. Eurodesign is well aware of this and offers furnishings, pieces and accessories to meet the most diverse and refined requirements.